Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Got Personality?

In a world of millions of URL's, it is hard to separate each other. People hate automated or cold websites. Giving your website a personality is crucial to keep traffic moving. A lot of sites today offer up their goals as their best foot forward. Sure, making money is a great thing but you should do it in a manner that pleases people. If you go buy a car, you have to buy the salesman first. Some of the best potential business people out there are the ones that take your order at a restaurant, or your real estate agent. Giving your readers a little taste of what you are behind that computer screen is somewhat of a comfort. We all have different personalities, why not apply those to your site in order to distinguish yourself. After all, its the content you provide that supposedly is driving your site. This post for me has a special purpose. I want to find those people that aren't in the business of making money, but in the business of investing in people. I could care less if I can make money off thousands of clicks, i'd like to think of myself as a business sociologist. I want to better understand people in order to motivate my entrepreneurial spirit. I'm looking for people like myself that aren't blinded by the almighty dollar. People are so focused on making money these days that they don't retain those relationships that have helped them. I really do hope that there are other people out there like myself, who aren't in it just for the money and are willing to help each other in a quest for success.

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