Friday, September 21, 2007

Get Rich Quick...Dating

On one of my earlier posts I referenced a successful website called I was intrigued by the success of this site and decided to research other dating sites on the web and found some interesting things and was also surprised that I didn't find things. I found that most dating sites are very successful whether they are regional or national or worldwide, whether they cater to a certain attribute or race. Recently, these sites have experienced a bit of a plateau, but are still going strong. There is great value in this type of relational database site as, let's be honest, so many people are looking for that special someone, its basically integrated into our society. One thing that I didn't find that I thought was striking was a speed dating type website. Speed dating is a hot trend especially here in the new millenium. Why not create a site that does this through a simple chat application? If you've ever played online poker, most applications use a lounge, group and table subset. Something like this system can be applied to a speed dating site. The game...20 people in a chat room 1 minute rounds. Each person has 1 minute to chat then rotates. The rooms can be organized by ethnicity, religion, orientation, etc.... The interactivity of this system can improve any of the existing websites right now, but can operate solely in its own new niche. I think this type of system may give users more control and it also provides an exciting new venue to meet people in. Any takers on this idea?


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JRB said...

Interesting idea, it has definitely hit main stream in metropolitan areas but has yet to largely be implemented online.