Friday, September 28, 2007

Success Through Positivity

As I draw more readers to the blog...slowly but surely, I have come to the realization that I can't simply wait around for people and networks for this blog. In my networking journey, I have found different blogs and people that strongly relate to this blog as well. Now I know one of the rules to a successful blog is to brand yourself. So referring to similar blogs may be harmful, but I really was inspired by one blog in particular. is a personal blog that offers advice from the perspective of a constantly evolving individual. This constant determination to better and change oneself is the perfect description of my idea of the everyday entrepreneur. In particular the article entitled, "30 fundamentals of a wonderful life," was completely inspirational. I believe that the fundamentals that he speaks about can greatly influence ones success in the entrepreneurial realm. It is truly inspirational to find people like that who have such a great spirit and drive for life. The corny line of, You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To, is reborn here. From reading about Peter and his struggle, I really came to admire his take on life and his appreciation of the moments of his life. I realize that this blog is more of an emotional and motivational niche but people like myself can take a lot out of it and apply it. I want to take time to thank Peter for all his great writings and inspirations and I hope that he changes your life as it has definitely changed mine. Again, I hope you readers out there take this post to heart as it really does embody my ideals and values.



Peter said...

Hi Michael,

What can I say? You really have shown in this post a deep understanding of what I, and my blog, are about. I have no doubt that this type of understanding will help you achieve all the successes you envision. I look forward to following your progress.
All the best, Peter
ps - I used the same blog template initially as well!

Randy Brown said...

Now I'll have to go give it a read - but before I do, i want to share another post that was very inspirational to me, and I wish more people would apply in their daily lives (online or 'real world'): It's a post by John Reese (the guy that started BlogRush), and it's titled "Always Do More Than Is Expected Of You" ..
You can read his post HERE