Thursday, September 27, 2007

Making Money Blogging...becoming a blogtrepreneur

In my young career in blogging I have found that there are thousands of blogs that are saying the same exact things. Distinguishing one blog from another is very difficult, but important in being successful. I understand that writing this post, I probably don't have too much credibility but I can offer up some tips from my short experience. I don't possess a large amount of expertise on the technical side but I can provide strategic pointers. Obviously your writings are gonna be the main focus, not your layout or your ad programs. The first thing that i've learned is that you have to write about something you're passionate and knowledgeable about. Internet readers are savages and can rip you apart when you post crap. Put some time and flare into your writings. State your ideas, don't be afraid to criticize or be controversial. Putting yourself out there and on the line will help you express your blogs more freely. Another writing tip I can offer up is in regards to blog titles. Writing a concise and interesting blog title can greatly increase the appeal of your posts. Making them relevant and intriguing will increase your visibility and will grab the attention of your readers. Amongst the thousands and thousands of blogs, people write about everything in their daily lives. If you're looking to retain an audience you must be specific and stick to that niche. Many blogs have so many random posts that the site becomes stale and boring. Feeds are there for a reason, to shorten the time it takes to read your favorite posts. People want information that is relative or it becomes a waste of time. These tips are mainly relative to establishing your audience, obviously, layout, optimization and marketing are other key factors that will help monetize your site. But your audience is your key, not your advertising in making your first steps towards pro blogging. Establish your audience then work on monetizing your blog.


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